Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's a new day

A friend of mine was talking about her blog the other day and the blog books she makes out of them.  Sound familiar??  That's what I was doing a few years back before I started massage school and before my life got even crazier than it is now.  A light went off in my head and I was ready to start again.  I feel like I am living a different life than I was when I last wrote on my blog.  So it's time to start again.  I don't want to play catch up.  I just want a clean start.  So here goes nothing!

But maybe I'll go back a little to add a few things...

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Jodi said...

Heather, I'm happy the see that you posted. Funny that you mentioned you feel like you are living a different life because you probably are really feeling like that NOW. We are going to miss you and your family. Keep posting so we can see all of your adventures.